Torched Hop Brewing

If there is anything that we love just as much, if not more, than the outdoors and traveling it might have to be beer and other libations (always drink responsibly). As a team we love going to different breweries, enjoying a cold beer from the kegerator at work, and a few of us even brew our own beer! Needless to say we love all things beer.


Recently, my co-worker Tessa, her boyfriend, my fiancé, and I went to a local brewery in Atlanta called Torched Hop Brewing. It is located off of Ponce DeLeon Avenue NE in Atlanta right across the street from Mary Mac’s Tea Room, an Atlanta legend. Torched Hop features a yummy menu and of course good beer. They were nominated for USA Today’s 10 Best brewpubs in 2021. Unfortunately, they did not crack the top 10, but the Atlanta faithful is proud to see their businesses being recognized!


One thing that I really appreciate from breweries is when they offer ‘create your own flights’. I love being able to try different beers without having to order a full glass. This is something that Torched Hop offers and I could not resist. For the flight I got their Danky Doodle, Outta Control, Chico Malo, and the Hunky Dory. The Danky Doodle is a pale ale that is brewed with Nelson hops from New Zealand and features hints of gooseberry, citrus, and papaya. The Outta Control is a triple IPA, yes triple! You would not know that it is a triple IPA since it is extremely smooth and very tasty. The Chico Malo is a Mexicon lager and was very light and refreshing. Last, but certainly not least, is the Hunky Dory. This English Mild beer was my favorite of the four. This style of beer was originally brewed for the factoryworkers in Britain, and is low in alcohol but full in flavor. To eat I had their Philly Cheesesteak and the bartender encouraged me to try it with egg and bacon. The egg and bacon made it so much better and I will certainly get that again!

Torched Hop had a fun and chill vibe. You could play games, sit and chat, and watch sports with friends. We took advantage of the card games and shuffle board they offer. I encourage anyone in the Atlanta area or visiting to check it out and have a good time!

"And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul."

John Muir