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About Us

We love the outdoors! It's what we are all about.

About TriPine®

TriPine is a lifestyle brand that’s inspired by adventure - more specifically, we are a brand that’s inspired by your adventure. We find peace, creativity and purpose in seeing individuals discover the beauty both in themselves and in this nation by taking the unbeaten path. Simply put, we believe that where you come from, the places you go, and the adventure in-between, makes you who you are.

The Story

TriPine is made up of three individuals who love the lands in which we live. We were each born and raised in the south. We grew up knowing nothing but humidity, campfires when the time was right, and the sound of crickets at night. As we have gotten older, we have been fortunate enough to visit different regions of the States. The company itself was founded upon inspiration brought by national park road trips. As you can imagine, visiting these vastly different places brings new perspectives and understandings to life. Each park, different in their own ways, subsequently created an urge to convey the colors, experiences, and beauty of it all. We aspire to create products that will inspire others to experience these unique lands, as they belong to all of us. Whether you wear our products or not, we at least hope that our wandering spirit is palpable and encourages you to explore. Life is too short to not get out there, adventure awaits.

Life free. Stay wild.
David, Trent and Andrew's signatures.