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Rebrand Announcement

We are excited to announce a transition that embraces the evolution of our brand: ‘Merica Clothing® is officially becoming TriPine®.

A decade ago, we created the all familiar name of ‘Merica Clothing Company - an eye-catching, lighthearted and fun-loving name inspired by American adventure. A company that encouraged the exploration of our nation’s peaks and pines through its unique apparel designs of regions, national parks and the like.

As the years passed, designs would come and they would go for ‘MC CO. – but one design in particular came about and stuck around: the three-pine logo, formally known as our TriPine logo. With each season that passed, the logo gradually became the identity of our brand, it became a mission of planting three trees for each item sold (700K+ trees planted so far), and it became a prominent symbol that has inspired thousands to get out there and explore. The brand had evolved and our customers began to recognize us for our logo instead of our name. The rebrand to TriPine encompasses our company's evolution and brings us full circle.

We want to emphasize that although our name may be changing, our values and our mission remains the same. Our brand isn’t defined by a name - it’s defined and inspired by you, by your adventure, and by a desire to give back to our Planet Earth. TriPine® will enable us to fulfill that mission to its fullest extent and we’re excited to continue that journey alongside you.

Aside from our name changing, not much else has. We are still the same small business of 12 employees, headquartered in the foothills of North Georgia, working each day less than a mile away from where our company was founded 10 years ago. We’re always here and happy to answer any questions that you may have. We’d love to hear what you think! Feel free to shoot an email to

As always, thank you for being a valued customer and being a part of our journey.

– Team TriPine